What now for the BGT finalists ?

Televison on a Saturday night reached a peak last night at the Britain’s Got Talent final. They say there were 2.5m votes – well that’s great for ITV and all concerned who will cash in from the millions of pounds generated by the British public who were eagerly egging on their favourites, but what about the performers – what will happen to them now ?

Well the winning act went home with £250k plus a spot in this year’s Royal Variety Show, but for everyone else, they sit and wait, grab agent offers as quickly as they can, find a PR agency and try to launch themselves as never before. After all, they are finally free of the TV competition. For some it will be the end of the road and back to the day job, but as is often the case for the non-winners, their career could be on the second rung of the ladder, thanks to the profile they have been getting over the past few weeks.

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